Where to Meet Women in the Seattle Area

Where to Meet Women by Type...

To find the type of woman you love, you really need to just get out and do the things you love, keep your eyes open and be ready to to initiate a conversation.

To find Athletic and Fit women in Seattle look to heath clubs, running Green Lake, the Burke Gilman trail or Alki beach, and yoga classes.

Social Drinkers can be found at bars and clubs.  You may have find a better ratio of women to men at wine tastings.

Natural types can be found hiking, running and at PCC grocery stores.

For intellectuals try UW speaking events and book stores.

If religion is important to you, then you'll need to spend time at church functions, religious rallies, and church singles groups or many of the on-line dating sites allow you to specify a religion in your search criteria.

Sports Babes can be found at sports bars, sporting events, and your work-place softball leagues.

Outdoorsy types are roaming the aisles of REI, on the trail, climbing walls, and the slopes of the Cascades.

Girly Girls can be found at spas, beauty shops, women's clothing departments, and beauty salons.  Tough territories for a man to work in!

To meet professionals try industry networking events, seminars, business speaking events and bars and restaurants that are close to city centers.

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