Where to Meet Women in the Seattle Area

On-Line Dating

The advantages of on-line dating are obvious to anyone who has checked it out.  The ability to cut through the clutter and find the person who is not only available but also has common interests. 

Best Bets

Match.com is an excellent site for meeting a wide variety of women in every city in the U.S. and even in foreign countries.  The advantage of Match is the sheer volume of its membership -- offering millions of profiles to its members.  The navigation and search features are also very easy to use and understand.

True.com claims over 10 million members and like most sites uses a "scientific compatibility testing methodology".  They also make a good effort up-front to scare off married people and felons who might be trying to use their site.  This should help increase women's trust of the site. Another helpful feature is their "Sexploration" compatibility test -- which helps match you to a woman who is sexually compatible.     

eHarmony.com is designed to help you find someone who is compatible with you.  This may be your best bet if you're looking for a serious relationship.  However, be prepared to fill out an extensive questionnaire about your likes and dislikes (creating the free "Personality Profile").  eHarmony differentiates itself from the competition by asking more questions than just about anyone else and then matching you to a potential mate by your compatibility on 28 different "dimensions" such as sense of humor, values, intellect etc.

WeathyMen.com is a site for men who earn six figures or more and the gold-digging gals who want them.  Seriously, the reason this site is on the "Best Bets" list is because at WealthyMen.com the ratio of women to men is heavily tipped in men's favor. Here's why:  Women are flocking to this site because wealthymen.com verifies its members income, profession and even photographs.  Women can trust that the men and their incomes are real on this site.

SinglesNet.com is a site that is very easy to use and is inexpensive to join.  Women can essentially join for free and then let the men be the paying members who then have the ability to email the women. The matching and profiles here are elementary and the women seem to be less educated retail and blue collar types.  In our field tests, Jack got more action on this site than all of the others combined, however, because it is a "free" site you can count on being contacted by women who are trying to profit from their contact with you. 

NWSource Personals (powered by Cupid.com) shows 44,000 plus listings for Washington State.  However, men outnumber women by a ratio of 3 to 1 on this site.  And many of the most attractive women's profiles seem to be dated (indicating they have not visited the site in over 3 months).  Jack got only 6 responses from women on this site.

Looking for something different?  There are dozens of different online dating sites.  DatingSitesReviews.com and Online-Dating-Zone.com are sites where you can find these services categorized, rated and reviewed for you.     

Sites to Avoid

CraigsList.com and other simple classified ad services are free and and easy to use.  However, they're not structured for matching people with common interests.

Strategies for Success

Unfortunately, there are several common problems that many men have experienced with on-line dating.  For example:

Here's some strategies you should use to counter these challenges:

  1. Try to arrange a "coffee date" as soon as possible.  A fifteen minute meeting is usually all you need to find out you if there is a mutual attraction. A real face-to-face conversation will quickly help you decide if she's worth pursuing further.  And here's an important tip:  Be the first to arrive and position yourself so that you have a clear view of the entrance.  This will give you the opportunity to see her shape and how she moves.
  2. When arranging the coffee date, always set an expectation that you have somewhere else you have to be later... this will give you a legitimate reason to cut the meeting short if you find there is no attraction.
  3. Be prepared to meet a lot of women before finding one you can enjoy hanging out with.  Everyone I know who has tried on-line dating has found it to be a numbers game.  You may have to meet 10 or 20 women before you find one you "click" with.
  4. Beware of women (especially from foreign countries) who will share their financial woes with you and ask for your help.