Where to Meet Women in the Seattle Area

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Opening Lines

Whether you're at a health club, bar, or hiking a mountain trail you need a way to get her attention and let her know that you're interested.  Don't blow a valuable opportunity with a lame line or a nervous delivery.

According to a University of Chicago study, "Hi" is the best pick up line.  So forget all of the cute and overused "clever" lines and just say "hello" and go with the flow. And "going with the flow" means that after you say "hello" you need to be very aware of how your advances are being received. 

Most women do want men to give them attention, but they also may be afraid of who you might be.  To be successful, everything in your demeanor must be friendly, confident and non-threatening.  You'll want her to feel that you are both a good, safe guy who is also a real man.  If she doesn't feel safe you'll see it in her eyes.  If she senses that you lack confidence she will also see that as well.   

If you find that your advances are not welcome you should smile say "take care" and walk away with a confident smile.  There are plenty of receptive women out there so don't waste your time on the those who aren't receptive today. 

There's more excellent advice on this topic at Pick-Up-Woman.com.  If you're not a "player" don't be put off by the name of this site.  The advice there is really oriented towards men who (like most men) are looking to meet one woman for a long term relationship.  Jack's advice: Do your homework before you go out and your chances of success will be MUCH, MUCH greater!